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Italy’s green gold rush

At flightams.com we like to keep informed about the cannabinoid industry in Europe and throughout the world. There’s been some interesting developments in the las in Italy which has spurned a verging industry people are calling the “Green gold rush”

Hemp products in Italy are fast becoming big business and Italians can’t get enough of these  products, which are legally sold but illegal to eat or smoke

Low THC cannabis or ‘Cannabis light’ has created a booming but unregulated economy in Italy. It’s booming right now many producers and shop owners are making great money but  how much longer will the high last?

Cannabis flowers  have been flying of the shelves in the specialty shops that sell the legal cannabis around Italy. It’s a trend that has been described buy shop owners as a “green gold rush”.

Brands of “Cannabis light” started popping up fast and have been marketed to marijuana smoking customers to look very appealing.  These new products have names like White Pablo , Chill Haus, K8, Cannabismile and Marley CBD and all sold in the “cannabis light” product range.

But don’t be fooled these products only have a small level of the psychoactive compound THC that makes people high and it’s only a small fraction of the THC found in regular illegal weed.

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Legal Highs and Herbal Highs Explained

Herbal highs are natural essences which give off similar effects to illicit drugs but in a very legit way. The name herbal high often refers to substances that are legally obtainable and safer– your very smart pick. It might be a psychoactive, relaxant or stimulant Substance. Herbal highs are also called legal highs. They can come from a variety of substances including plant materials in crude forms. Chemicals are also harvested from natural minerals to obtain herbal highs.

Best Legal Ways to Get High

Most individuals think about buying weed online when they want to get high. Legal highs are in most cases ignored. However, the fact remains that there are more legal highs being sold than there are illicit highs and though a lot of individuals spend a considerable amount of money and time on unlawful drugs with shocking prices owing to their illegal status, there are many legal drugs available that can offer the same types of high. And gone are the days when you had to go to many dispensing chemists to get some cough gel caps just to get around them recording your ID for having bought more than enough!

Why Flightams?

What are Legal Highs?

Legal Highs is a collective term for various products with different effects. Most legal highs mimic the effects after taking cannabis. There are lots of websites where you can buy legal high online that contain chemical components. A well-known example of a legal high is Spice. We don’t recommend that you consume these products! You don’t know which compounds are used to make the legal high and as a result could be harmful to your health. Always ensure when you purchase legal highs online that you purchase from a trustworthy vendor. Some legal highs have no chemical components and are made out of exclusively controlled herbs. The Legal Highs to be found in this class are mimicking the feel of cannabis. If you want a legal way to get high, there are legal highs available online.


Legal Highs might come in attractive packaging and be labeled with attractive sounding names. Even though most of the names suggest a stimulant effect of Legal Highs can be hallucinogens, depressants or stimulants – you won’t truly know until you consume it and experience the effect.

Slang Names:

There are many Legal Highs, and they can have all kinds of names, some include Nemesis, Legal E, doves, Blessed, A2, Happy Caps, Diablo, Summer Haze, Pep Pills, Frenzy, Meow meow, M-Cat, Bath Salts, drone and Bubble.

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